Gum Disease

Gum Disease

You would be concerned if you find you find your gums bled when you brushed or flossed your teeth. Many people think it is normal.

Periodontal diseases are bacterial infections on the structures around the teeth causing bleeding gum problems. According to a study, half of the Americans over the age of 30 had bleeding gums problems.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

Bleeding and swollen gums are the initial signs of infected gums. The infection and bacteria can spread if nothing is done immediately.

In the severe stages of the disease, all supporting tissues are included. The structure supporting your teeth can get destroyed. Your teeth in your jawbone may eventually become so loose that they would need to be extracted.

What are the health issues linked with gum disease?

Atherosclerosis and heart problem: It is said that gum disease can increase the danger of clogged arteries and heart problems. It can even worsen existing heart problems.

Stroke: Gum disease can increase the danger of the stroke type caused by blocked arteries.

Premature births: A pregnant woman with gum disease is more likely to deliver her premature baby with low birth weight.

Diabetes: With periodontal disease, diabetic patients can face increased problems in controlling their blood sugar.

Respiratory problem: Gum disease bacteria may result in lung infections. It can also worsen present lung conditions. This is generally essential for elderly adults in institutions like nursing homes.


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